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Short description

The PPP Perf-Print-Plus® Offline is a Offine-Perforations-, Cut-, Die-Cut-, Slit-scoring-, Scoring-, und Embossingsystem for the Letterpress. Every kind of printing finishing is therefore in a second step in your old letterpress possible. Indeed not In-line but In-house. Through the accurately fitting and high-class carrier plate even die-cuting is possible again with your OHZ/OHT. The system is produced for all current Letterpresses.

As a novel and efficient extra, the PPP Off-line System can also be used for a both side scoring at the same time. You just need our new metaljacket with a millimeter grid for an easy position of the scoring rules.

PPP INTERNATIONAL AG is as well producer and supplier of protection plates for your Letterpresses. As mentioned abouve with and without MM Grid.
For both Systems (PPP Inline and Offline) are the same tools used. Therfore is easy to combine them if requested!

Advantages compared the conventional method:

  • Very easy and fast setup
  • Mounting in and outside of the press possible.
  • Same tools (rules/forms)than the Inline PPP-System.
  • Very fast payback off the investment.
  • Absolute flatness off the carrier plates, thus even die-cuting is possible on your old Letterpresse.
  • Scoring from both sides at the same time possible.
The components

traegerplatte schutzblech
Carrier Plates Protection Plates
schutzblech_mm linien
Protection Plates with MM Grid Rules

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